• English and Greek classes: In both languages we offer courses for adults, minors and children. The classes are given by experienced teachers who work permanently at MOSAIK. The courses are designed as a ten weeks program in which students learn to read and write the  alphabet and learn basic skills of communication. The courses follow a defined structure and end with a final test. After passing the exam each student gets a MOSAIK diploma which certifies their achievment of the A1 & further levels.
  • Arabic & Farsi classes for locals and volunteers: These courses are given by refugee teachers and are an offer to locals, ngo employees and volunteers who are interested in learning the alphabet and basic communication skills to be able to communicate with people from the refugee community in their native languages.
  • Children's creative space and activities: There are various offers for kids. Besides english classes MOSAIK offers theater workshops, field trips, sport activities and homework assistance for both refugee and greek children. MOSAIK also cooperates with PIKPAs educational program regarding the natural environment.
  • Computer classes: These classes are developed to give people the opportunity to learn basic skills how to use computers and work with office programs. Moreover students learn how to write their Curiculum Vitae, how to use internet for information and communication purposes and learn how to write emails.  The program is designed for people without any computer experience and is held by a university professor from Mytilini.


  • Safe passage bags workshop: One of the two upcycling workshops at MOSAIK is the safe passage workshop. Life vests used by refugees crossing to Lesvos are collected from the beaches and recycled and  turned into bags. This workshop is on one hand a sensible response to the waste problem on the island caused by the crisis and a job opportuny for refugees and locals to gain an income. Find more information about the safe passage workshop here. To purchase safe passage bags click here.
  • Upcycling workshop: The other upcycling workshops at MOSAIK encourages participants to free their imagination and cultivate enironmental awareness by creating unique handicrafts of natural and useless materials. In this workshop jewelry, wallets, bags, lighting, decorative and utilitarian objects are created. Find out more about the upcycling workshop here. To purchase products please click here.
  • Storytelling workshop: Storytelling is resistance. In this class, we discover different ways of storytelling in order to be heard, to be understood and to share. We use a lot of creativity to express ourselves. With a human right angle, we learn about our rights and how to claim these. In the meantime, we have fun, get to know each other and learn about other cultures and perspectives.


  • Children's choir: The choir takes place once a week at MOSAIK and is open for refugees and local children and is a perfect way to bring them together through music. The choir is hosted by Polyphonica and offers  children to express themselves in a creative and cheerful way through music. To learn more about Polyphonica please click here.
  • Yoga: MOSAIK hosts Bikram Yoga lessons four times per week. Yoga sessions offer a non-verbal way of combined communication, meditation and training. The participants come from both local and refugee community and the Yoga lessons are a big success.
  • Cultural and awareness events: Besides regular classes MOSAIK organises several cultural and awareness events. which are initiated by staff and students together. MOSAIK celebrates festivities, hosts art exhibitions, concerts and theater, offers movie screenings and bazars.  But also educational awareness events and political conferences regarding reactions to the humanitarian crisis and the politics of the European Union take place at MOSAIK.
  • Sports: MOSAIK offers various sport activities for children, women and adult groups always according to the season and the interest of people. In the past especially the swimming courses in summer were a huge success. There are also regularly soccer matches and basketbal games. We regard physical activities as crucial as a contrast to our educational offers and the random boredom of daily life in the camps.


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Website: www.borderline-europe.de


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